b'TWiSTED WirE TUbE& boTTlE brUSH SPECialS TWISTED WIRE CAGE/ CHOOK BRUSHES TWISTED WIRE TUBE BRUSHES- Complete with Wooden Handle - Any Length,Any Diameter,Any Brush LengthCode No: 5160Brass Wire5130Extra Large - Coloured 5161Nylon5131Large - Hair 5162Hair 5163Steel WireTWISTED WIRE BEAKER BRUSH5135Hair Varnished Handle TWISTED WIRE NYLON & HAIR BOTTLE BRUSHES - Any Length,Any Diameter,Any Brush LengthTWISTED WIRE BEER BOTTLE BRUSHES 5170Tufted5140Genuine Nylon 5171Fan Tip18 x 3.3/4 x 2.5/85141Assorted Colours TWISTED WIRE BOILER TUBE BRUSHES WITH A THREAD ONE END18 x 4 x 3 - Any Length,Any Diameter,Any Thread Size5175Steel WireTWISTED WIRE BOTTLE CLEANING BRUSHES 5176Brass Wire5145Assorted Coloured Nylon 5177Nylon15 x 3 x 2.5146Assorted Coloured NylonTWISTED WIRE GLUE BRUSH 10 x 2. x 1.3/4- Nylon Bristle to insert in can tops5180(Babys Bottle) TWISTED WIRE NOZZLE TUBE CLEANING BRUSHES TWISTED WIRE BATTERY TERMINAL BRUSH- Nylon Fill - Steel Wire Bristle51825150450mm long x 100mm brush x 12mm dia 5151450mm long x 100mm brush x 15mm diaTWISTED WIRE TEST TUBE BRUSHES 5152450mm long x 100mm brush x 20mm dia - with Soft Cotton Ends Made to your own specifications 5153450mm long x 100mm brush x 30mm dia 5185 Overall LengthDiameterBrush LengthTube Brush Fan-Tip BrushBottle BrushPF Brady | Page 105'