b'SPECifiCally DESiGnED for DEEP GUTTErS anD HEavy WorkSTAFF HOLE: 2161TO SUIT TAPPERED RAKE HANDLES 29MM WIDE SPREAD - Cane & Bass with Polypropylene Ends HandMadeCode No: 2167216035cm(14) WS216140cm(16) WS216245cm(18) WS STANDARD - Polypropylene FillHandMade 2176 2178Code No:216530cm(12) STD216635cm(14) STD216740cm(16) STD216845cm(18) STD WIDE SPREAD - Polypropylene FillHandMade 2177Code No:217535cm(14) WS217640cm(16) WS217745cm(18) WS217845cm(18) WS Extra Heavy Duty 2182 WIDE SPREAD - Bassine Outsidewith Bass Centre HandMadeCode No:218240cm(16) WS STANDARD - All Bass Fill 2188HandMadeCode No:218630cm(12) STD218735cm(14) STD218840cm(16) STD218945cm(18) STD WIDE SPREAD - All Bass Fill 2191 HandMadeCode No:219035cm(14) WS219140cm(16) WS219245cm(18) WSPage 10 | PF Brady'