b'HoW To MEaSUrE floor brUSHESBoard/Stock Size/Diameter1.MACHINE/MAKE(Model) Inside DiaClutch Plate (Centre Hole) Flexiback2.BOARD DIAMETER SIZE(Stock Size)3.INSIDE DIAMETER(Centre Hole)4.IF PAD HOLDER, WHAT TYPE?(Short Trim Pad/Nylon Pad Holderor Instaloc)5.IF BRISTLES, WHAT TYPE?Brush with Clutch and Flexiback(eg: Bassine, java, Poly, Nylon,Abrasive Nylon & Union Fibre) Board/Stock Size/Diameter6.IS A CLUTCH PLATE REQUIRED? Inside Dia(Centre Hole) Flexiback7.IS A FLExIBACK PLATE REQUIRED?8.IS WATERFEED HOLES REQUIRED?9.IS IT QUICK RELEASE/ PROVAC (PSA) CENTRE?Brush with FlexibackBoard/Stock Size/DiameterProvac Quick-Release Centre Water HolesBrush with PSA and Water HolesPage 58 | PF Brady'