b'STriP brUSHESPUNCHED STRIP BRUSHES:5200 (104661)Punch Brushes are made by staplingknots of fill material into either timber, nylon or polyethylene bases, which has been pre-drilled. With the polyethylene bases they can be refilled once the5205 (104362)brush bristles have worn. A variety of fill patterns and density can be obtained.Purpose:Brushes used in the PRDA -4-6Food Industry Cleaning Industrial ProcessMachinery Conveyor Belt Cleaning MSA -70 MSA -70 Flour Mill Industry Printing IndustryNAYJONWOOD/POLYETHYLENE STRIP BRUSHES:Fill:Poly, Nylon, Pure Horse Hair, Union Fibre, Tampico Fibre, Brass Wire, Polyester and Bassine.Flour Mill Roll BrushFLOUR MILL BRUSHES (MadetoyourSpecifications)Code No: Printers Brush52001 metre (40) long - Wooden Base52051 metre (40) long - ChannelStrip Brush5210Le Coq Brushes - Nylon Fill Chemical and Heat Resistant Brush- Wooden Base PRINTING BRUSHES (MadetoyourSpecifications) 521552155210 (104901)PF Brady | Page 111'