b'roTaTinG rollEr brUSHESROTATING ROLLER BRUSHES (MadetoyourSpecifications)Fill:Poly, Genuine Nylon, Pure HorseHair, Union Fibre, Tampico Fibre, Brass Wire, Steel Wire or Polyester.Purpose:Spiral or IndustrialRoller Brushes Cleaning and Polishing Fruit Conveyor BeltCleaning Brushes Road Sweepers Factory Sweeper Coal Mines Salt Fields Sugar Mills Metal Mines Cotton Gin Fields Glass Washing Manufacturers SPIRAL WOUND STRIP BRUSH ROLLERS: Spiral Strip Brush Rollers are made by winding stripbrush onto a shaft or core. For light work it may be more suitable to open up the strip to achieve a less dense fill and hence more flexible brush. For heavy work or where greater pressure will be required it is more of an advantage to closely wind the strip brush. Spiral Wound Strip Brushes can be supplied on refillable core, onto a shaft or can be supplied as a loose coil.PF Brady | Page 109'