b'SPEEDy ClEan PaTHWay brooMSVARNISHED STOCK2065 2066 BLACK ExPRESS - Polypropylene FillForConcreteFloors2067 25mmStaffHoleCode No:206535cm(14)206645cm(18) 2069206760cm(24)206875cm(30)206990cm(36)2065 PP 2066 PP Industrial Waterproof Timber Head with 25mm Durable Plastic FittingHardwearingforBrickPavers, Construction sites and Concrete Floors 2067 PPCode No:2065 PP35cm(14) Polypropylene Fill2066 PP45cm(18) Polypropylene Fill2067 PP60cm(24) Polypropylene Fill 2068 PP2068 PP75cm(30) Polypropylene Fill2069 PP90cm(36) Polypropylene Fill PUMA - Pure Horse Hair Fill - Varnished Stock 2075 2076 ForSmoothTimberFloor & Flour Mill Industry.Code No:207530cm(12) 22mmStaff Hole 2078207635cm(14) 25mm Staff Hole207745cm(18) 25mm Staff Hole207860cm(24) 25mm Staff Hole207975cm(30) 25mm Staff Hole 2079208090cm(36) 25mm Staff Hole VIENNA - Pure Black Horse Hair withWhite Ends - Varnished StockFor Parquetry, Fine Cork and Tiled Floors2085 22mm Staff HoleCode No:208530cm(12)PF Brady | Page 5'