b'QUiCk Dry floor & WinDoW SQUEEGEEWINDOW WASHERCode No:2523 35cm (14") Window Washer 2524 2524 SWCover Only2524 35cm (14") Window Washer 2523 Cover+TBar2524 SW35cm (14") Window Washer Cover+SwivalTBar NEOPRENE FLOOR AND WINDOW SQUEEGEE PLASTIC STOCK DOUBLE RUBBER2525 2526 25mm(1)StaffHole Code No:252545cm(18)252656cm(22) WINDOW BRUSH SQUEEGEE NYLON2530 2532BRISTLE WITH SPONGE CENTRE AND SQUEEGEE RUBBER BLADE22mm(7/8)StaffHoleCode No:253020cm(8) Head Only253220cm(8) Complete withHandle 2536 2537 BRASS PROFESSIONAL QUICK DRY WINDOW CLEANING SQUEEGEES Code No:253520cm(8) 2538 2539253625cm(10)253730cm(12) 2540253835cm(14)253940cm(16)254045cm(18)254151cm(20) SILVER WINDOW CLEANING SQUEEGEE 2538 SS 2539 SSCode No:2537 SS 30cm(12") 2538 SS 35cm(14")2539 SS 40cm(16") PROFESSIONAL WINDOW CLEANING2543 2544REPLACEMENT RUBBER BLADES ONLYCode No:254220cm(8)254325cm(10) 2545 2546254430cm(12)254535cm(14)254640cm(16)254745cm(18) 2547254851cm(20)Page 32 | PF Brady'