b'TablE of ConTEnTSgENERAL BROOMSPage No:100% Genuine Millet Brooms & Woolshed Millet Brooms1Special Millet, Nylon Millet, Bassine Fan Brooms Hand Whisks2Industrial, Household & Platform BroomsNylon Stock3 & 4Industrial, Household & Platform BroomsVarnished Stock5, 6, 7 & 8 COUNCIL BROOMS & BRUSHES Deep Wide Spread Council Gutter Brooms9 & 10Steel Frame Heavy Duty Scavenger Brooms & Industrial Yard BroomsMachine Made11 & 12Champion Back Council Brooms,Metal Broom Bracket (Stay) & Reversible Ferrule13Tennis Court & Dew - Golf Course Brooms,14Curb Side Bahia Brooms , Long & Short Handle Tar Brush & Bitumen Brush15 OTHER gENERAL PRODUCTS & ACCESSORIESConcrete Finish Brooms16Garbage Bins (Metal & Plastic), Bin Lids, Stems & Frames17 & 18Handles -Plain &Painted19Powdercoated & Aluminium20Nylon Stock Coloured Fill Brooms21 MOPS & BUCKETSDust Control Mops, V Sweeper & Wall Dusters22Squeeze Mops, 100% Cotton Mops & Poly Cotton Mops23Coloured Cotton Mops & White Cotton Mops with Plastic Thread Fitting24Industrial Galvanised& All Plastic Wringer Mop Buckets25Industrial Plastic Wringer Mop Buckets, Round, Rectangular & Oblong Buckets26 SCRUBBINg BROOMS Marine/Deck Scrubbing Brushes & Channel Scrubs27 & 28Hygienic Brooms, Universal Deck scrub, Oven Clean Broom,Wire Fill Channel Scrub & Steel Wire Brooms29 & 30'