b'SElECTED PainTErS brUSHESFOR USE WITH ALL PAINTS - INTERIOR & EXTERIOR ALL PAINT BRUSHES ARE - HAND MADE BY CRAFTSMENPREUSE:OIL BASED PAINTS:For best results soak brush in water for 10 minutes. Use turps or recommended solvent cleaner to remove paint,then rinse, wash in warm soapy water and allow to dry.CLEANING: WATER BASED/ACRYLIC PAINTS:Rinse in cold water, wash clean in warm soapy STORE IN CLEAN DUST FREE AREA.water, rinse again and allow to dry.2672BRADYS PAINT BRUSHES2671- No. 1 Grade Selected Pure Bristle2670100mm Long WITHCOPPERFERRULECode No:2670100mm (4)267175mm (3)267263cm (2)2673 2674 2675267350mm (2)267438mm (1)267525mm (1) TASMAN PAINT BRUSH-Nylon Filament- Super SoftCode No:2676100mm (4)267775mm (3) 2676 26772678267863mm (2)267950mm (2) 2679 2681268038mm (1)268112mm (1)PF Brady | Page 41'