b'HanD HElD SCrUbbinG brUSHESBUTCHER/ DAIRY MILK CAN SCRUBBING2655BRUSHESCode No:2655Nylon Stock - Nylon Fill2656Nylon Stock - Union Fibre Fill 26562657Wood Stock - Nylon Fill2658Wood Stock - Bassine Fibre Fill SHEARERS SCRUB BRUSH WITH STEEL2657SCRAPER BLADECode No:2660Union Fibre Fill26582661Natural Nylon Fil BUTCHER BLOCK BRUSHES FLAT STEEL WIRECode No: 26602663PVC Stock2664Wooden Stock2661**F OR ANY FOOD INDUSTRY WE RECOMMEND CODE NUMBER 2655 FOR HYGIENE PURPOSES.CODE NUMBER 2656 FOR HOT BOILINGWATER. TO GIVE YOU A BETTER RESULT. 26632664Page 40 | PF Brady'