b'SCavEnGEr & HEriTaGE brooMSSTEEL FRAME HEAVY2200DUTY SCAVENgER BROOMSPolypropylene Extra Tuff Fill ForOutdoor,Council,Roadmakers and Landscaping2201 2202 StaffHoletosuit25mmandTappered Rake Handle 29mmCode No:220035cm(14)220145cm(18)220260cm(24)220390cm(36) 2206 2207Heavy Duty Crimped Steel Wire, Steel FrameForhotAsphaltStaff Hole to suit 25mm and TapperedRake Handle 29mmCode No:220535cm(14)220645cm(18)220760cm(24) Polypropylene and Wire Mix Fill 2209 ForCouncilStaffHoletosuit25mmandTappered2210Rake Handle 29mmCode No:220835cm(14)220945cm(18)221060cm(24)221190cm(36) YARD BROOM - Flat Wooden Stock2216 MF 2218 MF PolypropyleneFill-ForExtraHeavy Duty Work Concrete & Rough Floorswith Metal Fitting to suit 25mm Handle Code No:2216 MF35cm (14)2217 MF35cm (14) - Extra Fill2218 MF40cm (16)Page 11P.F. BradyPF Brady | Page 11'