b'HyDraPoWEr anD bobCaT brUSHESALSO CAN BE MADE TO ANY OTHER REQUIRED SIZES3600Details required:1. Brushface2.Diameter Tube/Diameter Core3.With Square Drive Ends orKeyway End4.Fill All Polypropylene orPolypropylene and Wire Mix5.OutsideDiameter HYDRAPOWERROLLER - CHANNEL STRIP ROLLER - CONTIONOUS 130MM DIA OD TUBE x 127MM I/DTUBE - 20" OS DIA (500MM)3600 1600 Series - 1520mm long3602 1700 Series - 1620mm long3604 1800 Series - 1720mm long3606 1910mm Long-Case 465 Skidsteer & 95xT BOBCAT - CHANNEL STRIP ROLLER -3602CONTIONOUS 362536201480mm long36251510mm long36301610mm long36351710mm longPF Brady | Page 81'