b'HanD HElD SCrUbbinG brUSHESHAND HELD SCRUBBING BRUSHES FOR BATHROOM, KITCHEN AND LAUNDRY. 2638 2639Code No:2638Genuine Union Fibre Fill- Single Wing2639Poly Union Mix Fill 2640- Single Wing2640Genuine Union Fibre Fill- S Type Scrub BATHROOM GRIME CLEANING BRUSH 2641- Nylon FillWithWoodenHandle 2642Code No:2641Tap Cleaning Brush- 250mm OA Length26432642Medium Fill2643Extra Hard Fill 26452644Bathroom Grime Cleaning Brush2647 2648- Curved in NAIL BRUSHESCode No:2645Large Wooden Hospital Nail 2650Brush Mexican Fibre Fill 2651- 125mm Long2647Autoclavable Nylon Nail Brush2648Autoclavable Double Sided NailBrush - Nylon Fill BATHROOM AND LAUNDRYSCRUBBING BRUSHESCode No:2650Nylon General Purpose Scrub Brush 26522651Multi Purpose Scrub Brush 2653- Semi Circular Head2652Round Domed Head Corner/Shower Scrub Brush2653Nylon Fill Long Handlewith PVC Scraper FrontPF Brady | Page 39'