b'SPECial PainT brUSHESFLAT FITCH PAINT BRUSHESRoundWoodenHandle 2767Code No:2765No: 4 (6.0mm) Width2766No: 6 (7.2mm) 27682767No: 8 (10.1mm)2768No: 10 (10.8mm)2769No: 12 (14.5mm)2776PURE SOFT BRISTLE PENCIL/ARTIST BRUSHES BlackWoodenHandleCode No:2774No: 4 27772775No: 62776No: 82777No: 10 2780 2781 GLUE BRUSHES20cm(8)LongCode No:2780Black Hair2781Watchmakers Brush- Super Soft Brush Wire Fill 2782 2786 TWISTED WIRE GLUE BRUSHES 2785Code No:2782Black Hair ACID GLUE BRUSHES 10cm(4")LongCode No:2785Hair 2786Nylon Feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist you in the purchasing of the right product for your needs.Page 46 | PF Brady'