b'inDUSTrial SaniTary brUSHESTWISTED WIRE SANITARY BRUSHES DOUBLE RINGCode No: 2565 2566 25672565Natural Nylon/Black Hair2566Horse Hair Both Rings2570 2571 25722567Union Fibre/Black Hair TWISTED WIRE SANITARY BRUSHESCode No:2570Union Poly Mix Fill 2571Union Fibre Fill2572Nylon Fill TWISTED WIRE URINAL BRUSH ASSORTED COLOURSCode No:2574Nylon Fill2576ROUND DOMED HEAD SANITARY BRUSHES 2577Code No: 2574 25752575Coloured Nylon Fill VarnishedWooden Stock2576Union Fibre Fill VarnishedWooden Stock2577Nylon Fill with Nylon Handle ROUND DOMED HEAD SANITARY BRUSHESWITH 1M ALUMN. HANDLECode No:2575 + AH1M Nylon Fill - Wooden Stock Head 2576 + AH1M Polypropylene Fill - Wooden Stock Head 2575+AH1M2577 + AH1M Polypropylene fill - Nylon Stock HeadTWISTED WIRE URINAL BRUSH STAINLESS STEEL BRISTLE WITH HEAVY DUTY WIRE HANDLE 2576+AH1MCode No:25781220mm x 50mm (4ft x 2 Dia)25791220mm x 100mm (4ft x 4 Dia) TWISTED WIRE URINAL BRUSHES NYLON2579BRISTLECode No:25801220mm x 10mm (4ft x 4 Dia)25811220mm x 75mm2582(4ft x 3 Dia)25821220mm x 50mm (4ft x 2 Dia)Page 34 | PF Brady'