b'TiPS on GooD brUSH CarE& orDErinG DETailSTO ENSURE YOU gET THE gREATEST LIFE AND BESTTIPS ON ORDERINg BRUSHES:PERFORMANCE FROM YOUR BRUSH:*By measuring of old brush stock:*Do not leave the brush on machine for any extended 1- the outside diameter of stock length of time if not being used as this will cause the2- the centre hole diameterbristle fibres to bend. Also may cause vibration during the use of your machine. *To identify the machine model:*Do not soak or wash Bassine fibre bristle in water as this3- Refer to our clutch plate literature to help may soften the bristle hence reducing its performance. identifying the machine model.*After the use of your brush we suggest that you run the*To identify the bristle:brush on concrete up to one minute. This will remove any4- By stating application we will advise youdirt and will also reduce machine vibration. accordingly.CarPET & PilE lifTEr brUSHESCARPET/PILE LIFTER 3500 MADE TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS NEW OR REBRISTLINGDEPENDING ON APPLICATION. Code No:3500Nylon Base with Nylon BristleSpecifically for running wet all the time3505Spiral Wound for industrialmachine3505 CARPET RAKE BROOM (STIFF NYLON BRISTLE) BRISTLE LENGTH 45MM350960cm (24") 351045cm (18")351235cm (14")351330cm (12") 3510Page 78 | PF Brady'