b'PLUMBINg & FITTINgSRubber Suction Cup, Rubber Plungers, Brass Plunger Fitting, Double Worm Screw,Brass Scrapers, PVC Conduit Drain Rods & Spring Coil Rods101Spring Coil Rods102 TWISTED WIRE BRUSHESNylon & Steel Wire Chimney & Pull Through Brushes, Flue Brushes & Chute Brushes103 & 104 Bottle, Tube, Beaker, Nozzle, Cage/Chook, Glue, Boiler Tube & Battery Terminal Brushes105 & 106 SPECIALISED WORK (Strip & Rotating Brushes)Rotating Roller Brushes-Punched and Spiral Wound (Custom Made)-Also how to order Measurements needed107,108,109 & 110Strip BrushesWood or PVC (Custom Made) Also howto order Measurements needed111 & 112Channel Strip Brushes & Holders (Custom Made) Also how to order Measurements needed113 & 114 CUSTOMER SERVICE ENQUIRIES Telephone & Facsimile Numbers115Trading Hours & LocationMap116'