b'roTaTinG rollEr brUSHESROTATING ROLLER BRUSHES (MadetoyourSpecifications)Fill:Poly, Genuine Nylon,Pure Horse Hair, Union Fibre,Tampico Fibre, Brass Wire,Steel Wire or Polyester. PUNCHED ROLLER BRUSHESPunched Roller Brushes are made by stapling knots of fill material into nylon or polyethylene core, which has been pre-drilled. With either core they can be refilled once the brush bristle have worn. A variety of fill patterns and density can be obtained.Purpose: These brushes are preferredin many applications wheresteel or aluminiumcore areprone to corrosion or acidattack. Tomato Cleaning Fruit Cleaning or Polishing Glass Washing Manufacturers Printing Industry Food Processing IndustryPF Brady | Page 107'