b'MarinE/DECk SCrUbbinG brooMSDECK SCRUBS20cm(8)Long2472 25mm(1)StaffHole 2474Code No:2472Bassine Fibre Fill 24732473Natural Nylon Fill2474Union Fibre Fill DECK SCRUB DOUBLE WING2476 2478 30cm(12)Long25mm(1)StaffHoleCode No: 24772476Bassine Fibre Fill2477Natural Nylon Fill2478Union Fibre Fill2480 2481CHANNEL SCRUBS WIDE SPREAD FILL23cm(9)Long25mm(1)StaffHoleCode No:2480Bassine Fibre Fill 2482 24832481Natural Nylon Fill2482Union Fibre Fill2483java Fibre Fill CHANNEL SCRUBS WIDE SPREAD FILL- With2484 B 2484 RPlastic Stock and Polypropylene Fill to suit 25mm (1") handleCode No:2484 BBlue2484 gGreen 2484 g2484 RRed2484 YYellowPage 28 | PF Brady'