b'Do THE riGHT THinG kEEP aUSTralia ClEanHEAVY DUTY BINS, LIDS2315 2315 S 2316AND STEEL FRAMES HEAVY DUTY 55 LITRE GARBAGE BINSGalvanised-4DrainWaterHolesCode No:2314Galvanised with NoHandles2315Galvanised with HandlesProtruding Up -Standard 2319 23202315 NH Galvanised with HandlesProtruding Up -Standard - NO DRAIN WATER HOLES2315SGalvanised with HandlesProtruding Up -Smaller Base2316Galvanised with D handles outsideHEAVY DUTY 55L GARBAGE BINS Can be powedercoated any colour requiredCode No:2317Yellow -D Handles Outside 23212318Green-D Handles Outside 2321 D2319Yellow -with HandlesProtruding Up2320 Green-with HandlesProtruding Up HEAVY DUTY 75L GARBAGE BINS- GALVANISED4DrainWaterHoles 2324Code No:2321Galvanised with HandlesProtruding Up -Standard2321NH Galvanised with NoHandles2321D Galvanised with D handles outside ROUND BIN- 600mm Long WithoneRingHooktoHangonWall/PoleCode No:2324Galvanised Round Bin GALVANISED GARBAGE BIN LIDSCode No:2325No hole in Centre 2325 2325WH 2326 23272325WH With Hole in Centre -Galvanised2326With Hole in Centre-Yellow2327With Hole in Centre -GreenPage 17P.F. BradyPF Brady | Page 17'