b'kEroSinE/EnGinE ClEaninG brUSHESROUND WOOD STOCK KERO BRUSH - 50mm Dia.WithHandle 2811 2813Code No:2811Genuine Nylon Fill 28122812Poly Fill 28142813Hair Blend Fill2814Union Fibre Fill Round PVC Stock Kero/ Engine Cleaning Brushes 2815- 50mm Dia.Code No: 28162815Brush Head Only - Nylon Fill 28172816Short Blue Handle to Suit2817Complete Unit LARGE TWISTED WIRE OIL BRUSHCode No:28202820Hair Fill - 82821Union Fibre Fill2821LARGE TWISTED WIRE KERO BRUSHESCode No:2825Coloured Nylon with 2825 2826 2827Wooden Handle2826Coloured Nylon with TwistedWire Handle2827Coloured Nylon withBell FerrulePage 48 | PF Brady'