b'INDUSTRIAL & gENERAL CLEANINg Metal & Wooden Floor Squeegees31Neoprene Floor/Window Squeegee, Window Brush Squeegee,Brass Professional Window Squeegee & Rubber Blades32Sanitary Sets (Round & Bent Handle), Bentwood Sanitary & Bent Coloured Plastic Sanitary Brushes33Twisted Wire SanitaryBrushes, Urinal Brushes, Round Domed Head Sanitary Brushes34Dust Pans, Lobby Dust Pans and Offset Brooms35Banisters36Cobweb Brushes, Lambswool Dusters, Feather Duster & Lounge Duster37 & 38 HAND HELD SCRUBBINg BRUSHES Bathroom, Kitchen & LaundryS Scrub & Single Wing Brushes,Grime Cleaning Brush, Nail Brushes, Multi Purpose Nylon Stock & Fill-Scrubbing Brushes39Butcher/Dairy Milk Can Scrubs, Shearers Scrubs & Butchers Block Brushes40 PAINT BRUSHES Quality Paint Brushes,Nylon Filament Paint Brushes,Radiator Brushes & Fibreglass Paint Brushes41 & 42Paint Trays, Paint Roller Covers & Paint Roller Frames, Brickies Brushes,Acid Distemper/Whitewash Brushes, Flat Lining Fitch Brushes, Round Fitcher Brushes43 & 44Lathe & Duster Brushes, Sash Tool/Glue Brushes, Stencil Paint Brush,Pastry Brush, Flat Fitch Brushes, Pencil/Artist Brushes & Glue Brushes45 & 46MISCELLANEOUSWelders Wire Scratch & Foundry Brushes, Kerosine/Engine Cleaning Brushes47 & 48Platers, Printers Brushes & Stencil Brushes49Pot Sink Brushes & Dish Washing Brushes50Car/Coach & Truck Brushes/Brooms, Boot Cleaning Brushes, Shoe CleaningBrushes & Suede Shoe Brushes51Floor Scrapers, Bakers Board Brushes, Vat/Tank Brushes & Billiard Table Brushes52Multi Purpose Gripper Clamps &Rake53Scourer Hand Held, Scourer Unit with Handle & Scourer Pads54Escalator & TravelatorBrushes55 & 56'